Screw Chillers (Air/Water Cooled)
Scroll Chillers (Air/Water Cooled)
Reciprocating Chillers (Air/Water Cooled)
Semi Hermetic Chillers
Multi Compressor Chillers (Air/Water Cooled)
Online Chillers (Air/Water Cooled)
Open Type Chillers (Air/Water Cooled)
Shell & Tube Condenser Chillers
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Refrigerator Driers
Air Handling Units
Cold Room
Air Washers (Air Cooling)
Air Cooled Condenser


We are committed to ensure total quality of our products and services. We ensure total quality by choosing the highest grade latest technology components & processes, ensuring that the final product is what our customer had desired. To ensure most efficient after sales service to our customers, we employ technically sound engineers & train them to solve the problem independently, efficiently & timely.

For us the quality means convenience & benefit, also we ensure that the breakdowns are kept to minimum, parameters are accurate and the total cost is the least. All the working people of the organization would be fully committed for the continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system. The top management has assigned responsibility & authority to the people to enable them to contribute to the achievement of the quality objectives and establish their involvement, motivation and commitment.